Online Forms and Support

We know for many of our self-represented litigants, finding time to come to our offices or participate in a workshops can be very challenging.  In collaboration with the  California Judicial Council, we are working to offer  resources remotely, so you can prepare forms online and email them to our SHARP staff to review before filing.  We are pleased to offer the following document assembly programs offered through LawHelp Interactive.  The document assembly program allows you to complete your court documents online, with step-by-step instructions within the program.

** It is important for you to create an account before starting one of the below programs to save your work.  All information within LawHelp Interactive is confidential and will not be made available publically.

How do I get started, and what types of cases can I start online?

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What is LawHelp Interactive?

LawHelp Interactive is a web platform administered by a nonprofit organization, Pro Bon Net, that provides access to document assembly programs developed by the Judicial Council. Document assembly programs us an interview format to ask litigants, or those assisting litigants, questions that are used to populate Judicial Council forms.  The programs determine which forms are needed based on a litigant’s particular situation.  Triage programs are use to guide users through a series of questions that will help them decide what to do in certain situations, such as whether to consider mediation for a small claims matter and determining jurisdiction in a child custody matter.